Nicola Hunt


Nicola is a psychologist providing humanistic psychotherapy to children, adolescents, adults and couples. She is accredited with the Psychological Society of Ireland. She studied psychology at University College Dublin and then received her Masters of Science in Counselling Psychology from Trinity College Dublin. Nicola has over a decade of experience working as a psychologist in mental health care settings. She has specialized in providing psychotherapy to adult survivors of abuse in the HSE National Counselling Service, addiction counselling in a reputable Irish residential treatment centre as the Senior Psychologist, cognitive behavioral therapy and motivational interviewing in a busy primary care medical clinic and psychotherapy in her own private practice.

Nicola is passionate about mental health in Ireland and develops her workshops for national corporations on various topics. She does this through VHI Corporate solutions. She is also part of the Associate Human Resources Employment Assistance Team providing counselling to employees. Nicola has provided mindfulness based workshops to the Irish Olympics Coaches and continues to run mindfulness groups open to everyone on an ongoing basis. In 2011, Nicola co-founded Crannog Psychological Services, a counselling service that supported other psychotherapists to achieve their professional accreditation and provided affordable counselling to individuals. 

Nicola currently offers supervision to other mental health care practitioners and continues to endeavor to support individuals and couples seeking help through counselling and psychotherapy in her private practice. She believes in the importance of the client-therapist relationship and commits to establishing the best possible conditions to help people develop and grow in their counselling.