Supervision for Professionals

The Leeson Analytic Centre (LAC) offers a variety of services to individual professionals working in mental health settings, social work and care, education, care facilities and chaplaincy as well as agencies and organisations where individuals and teams deal with issues of mental ill-health and / or psychological disorder.

  1. The Practitioner Directors at Leeson Analytic Centre are highly trained and experienced professionals:
  2. Doctoral or Masters level qualification in clinical psychotherapy
  3. Full (practitioner-level) accreditation with a recognised professional body.
  4. Individually ten years professional experience.
  5. Specialised training (child and adolescent psychotherapy, family therapy, eating disorders, gender and sexuality issues, addiction).
  6. Various publications on contemporary mental health issues in peer-reviewed journals.
  7. All our practitioner directors are bound by the Code of Ethics of the Association for Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy in Ireland (A.P.P.I)